It Is An Honor To Catalyze Your Transformational Healing.



    I have been observing, listening to, and feeling people on all levels since I was a child. This empathic ability heightened when I became a physical therapist 19 years ago.


    In listening to my own body, I was able to access emotions, memories, and trauma that were creating pain and anxiety. They weren’t just in my mind. They were buried in the subconscious  cells of my body and creating patterns that kept repeating themselves. As I explored and learned to apply the healing techniques, I began to rewire, and the cycles started to break.  My body and life upleveled, which is what I offer my clients today.


    This work is in my heart and soul. I am passionate about sharing it with those who are willing, open, and seeking healing on an intrinsic level.


    More about me:

    • I have been in practice since 2002 and have studied with a diverse group of renowned healers over these years, with whom I have deep reverence, gratitude and appreciation for.
    • I hold a Bachelor's and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from Daemen College.
    • I use my knowledge and experience from physical therapy with alternative healing modalities as the foundation to bring you a holistic approach and safe container to restore.



    The Sacred Healing that occurs here integrates the worlds of science, medicine, healing, and energy. It offers wellbeing on all levels.




    I use my intuition to identify the subconscious root cause of what is creating dis-ease in your body. I then give you the tools to get unstuck. When the root is identified, there is a release in your tissues and your body. This process creates a rewiring that opens you up to a greater experience of flow, peace, energy, empowerment, freedom, wisdom, and a deepened connection to your own intuition.

    My practices include: Intuitive listening, Energy Work/Medicine, Breath Work, Long Distance Healing, Guided Meditations, and Visualization.

    I work with my clients online.



    I start by observing your presenting symptoms, your energetic state, your emotional well-being, and your physical body.



    Next, I listen to you while sensing into your experience, pain, challenges, and wisdom.

    I then go within to listen deeply to my inner guidance before I begin working with you.



    Finally, I allow Spirit, the Master Healer within, to work through me and guide the techniques, practices, and healing modalities used during your session.


    If you want to lay down your struggle with trauma, anxiety, pain, and exhaustion,

    I can help.

    Schedule a session below and let's get you on the road to total well-being, high-energy, and easeful living in a pain-free body.




    Get unblocked and unstuck:

    • Create space for healing by identifying and accessing the true root of pain and blocks
    • Release "pain" or restrictions in the body created by stored emotions, trauma, memories, thoughts and/or beliefs
    • Shed layers of the past that are burdening you and weighing you down
    • Enhance access to your intuition and true power

    $297 For an Online Session



    Journey of Deep Inner Transformation

    • Heal deep core wounds and trauma embedded in the cells
    • Reveal and heal any blind spots and limiting beliefs held in the deeper subconscious layers of your body
    • Undo the wiring of old habits/patterns that sabotage you or keep you stuck
    • Re-wire the nervous system to cease the pattern of living in survival mode
    • Restore your sense of self in the space created for thriving and wellbeing 
    • Create more space for love, joy, ease, creativity, and freedom 
    • Connect your mind, body, heart and soul to align with your true purpose
    • Raise your vibration and enhance your natural magnetism to attract/draw in what you need and want TO you
    • Gain sustainable tools to heal and empower yourself
    • Create the life you are meant to have by living in your truth and maintaining alignment

    $2376 For 8 Online Sessions


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    "Working with Anu is like being introduced to my true nature over and over again."

    Our work together brings me back to my child-like, wonder-filled self. Along the way, we discover how the layers of emotional experiences have "stuck" in my body, and she facilitates my feeling, identifying, moving through and releasing them from their physical prison. Simply put, Anu uses her many talents as a PT, body worker and intuitive to assist me in moving through old "stuck" emotions that are still living in my body that have a direct impact on how I am living today. Anu is professional - discrete, proficient, talented; joyful - happy, well-balanced, laughter-filled; and most of all loving - supportive, safe, grounded. My work with her is an integral and regular part of my health and well-being regime. I give her my highest recommendation.​

    ~T.B. NY, NY

    "Anu Abraham is a powerful healer."

    She has healing hands, healing words, healing energy. I recommend her to everyone I know. And to everyone I do not know!

    ~A.B. NY, NY

    "Anu is one of the most skillful practitioners I’ve had the opportunity to work with. She is a wise and gifted healer."

    I’m an empath which means I tend to absorb a lot of other people’s energies and emotions that do not belong to me. I’ve also experienced emotional and physical trauma which resides inside my body. Both of these are challenges that I am unable to resolve on my own. Anu is one of the most skillful practitioners I’ve had the opportunity to work with. It was clear from the first moment after meeting her that the approach would be life changing. In just one session she helped my body release years of pent up patterns and instilled in me a newfound trust in the healing process. I highly recommend Anu Abraham if you desire a deep and profound shift in your health. She is a wise and gifted healer.

    ~M.S. Seattle, WA


    I have been truly amazed at the progress I have made working with Anu. I began having traditional physical therapy to treat benign positional vertigo. I had no idea at that time that I was about to discover a huge amount about myself. Not only did I recovery from vertigo, I have also addressed many things that needed to be faced which were, unbeknown to me, hindering my life. It can be a difficult thing to do to face our deepest emotions and feelings, but through the physical therapy, bodywork, and breathwork Anu has helped me do just that in a very gentle and gradual way. ​Being a naturally happy and positive person I struggled if I felt any amount of negativity or sadness and would discount it and push it away without really understanding how to deal with it. Overtime not dealing with my emotions built up in my body until it pushed back and made me face a few things. Anu's incredible intuition, gentle and professional approach helped me work through these emotions. It has been a journey of extraordinary experience and one where I have come to know myself so much more than I could possibly have imagined - and I am still on that journey. Throughout our entire lives we will feel emotions - learning how to respond, accept, and be completely peaceful with them takes time and practice. In doing so, we free ourselves to really enjoy every day and not walk about with a heavy load on our back. It is Anu that helped me get to this place and I am tremendously grateful for her support, dedication and services.

    ~S.J., NY, NY

    "My first session with Anu was so unique and so helpful that I started seeing her regularly soon after that."

    I had never felt that good or refreshed or relaxed after physical therapy and it just made sense for me to keep going back. Anu fixes my aches and pains each week and, when I am unable to see her for a few weeks due to her schedule or mine, I feel the difference. Regular sessions with her keep me healthy and functioning as my better self. My quality of life is greatly improved by Anu’s touch and her whole approach to healing. ​ As someone who sits at a computer for long hours I have had back and shoulder pains much of my adult life. When I came to Anu I was experiencing pretty severe back and shoulder pain. Massage didn't really relieve it. Pilates, meditation, chiropractic - none of those give me the relief that a session with Anu gives me. ​Anu is an educated trained Physical Therapist and you know you are in the hands of an experienced, accomplished medical professional when you have a session with Anu. I’ve sent numerous friends and family to Anu and they all keep going back.​

    ~R.P. NY, NY


    Frozen shoulder. Vertigo. Back ache. Hip strain. These are some of the urgent issues that have sent me to Anu, whom I started seeing about five years ago. As a traditionally trained physical therapist who brings to her practice a sixth sense as a diagnostician, Anu was able to help me in the short and long term with these complaints. When I see her on a regular basis, I am less likely to develop or experience physical problems; clearly, her skills include prevention as well as correction. Unlike many medical practitioners, Anu has an uncanny ability to ask the relevant questions, listen thoughtfully, and intuit conditions and solutions that are not immediately apparent. Because of my excellent results from working with Anu, I have recommended her with confidence to several friends who have experienced similar success. Notably, I have referred several teenagers and young adults to her care, and Anu has demonstrated a particular talent for improving the health and wellness of this often-resistant population. Anu has not only treated conditions from post-concussion symptoms to anxiety issues but has been able to teach these young patients methods of self care which will be invaluable to them for their entire lives. I recommend Anu often and with enthusiasm, and I know that the friends I send to her enthusiastically send their own friends and family to her after experiencing the genuinely unique solutions and improvements she is able to bring to her patients. The treatments can sometimes cause brief pain; in my case, such painful moments was always, always followed by a huge improvement in mobility, function, pain relief. But whether Anu’s treatments are soothing (most are) or provoke pain, her manner, personality, and spirit are always positive, respectful, thoughtful, and professional. I look forward to my appointments with her as something good I do for myself, and always leave a session feeling not only physically better but also informed about and involved with my body in significant ways.


    -J.F. NY, NY

    "My sessions with Anu have been absolutely transformational."

    She creates such a safe, non judgmental environment which allows really wonderful shifts to happen. Through our work together I have been able to identify negative patterns in my life and finally make big changes. With her support and encouragement I felt empowered to really connect to my body and explore where the pain that I was experiencing, both physically and emotionally, was coming from. It takes a lot of courage to really look at the areas of our lives that cause the most pain, but Anu infuses such warmth, compassion and and her great sense of humor into the sessions that in her presence I always know I can deal with whatever needs to come up to be released. I leave my sessions with Anu feeling like a new woman. I am very grateful to have Anu in my life and I highly recommend working with her.


    ~J.B. London, UK


    I began working with Anu because of a severe pain in my lower back just over 2 years ago. Little did I know that it would start me on a journey of self-healing both physically and emotionally. I have always been interested in spirit work. Even though I have worked with "intuitive" and alternative healing, none quite fit the bill for me. Until I found Anu. Anu works and speaks the truth from love in her heart. She is a great communicator, able to share philosophical concepts in simple layman terms. Whenever I come to see Anu, whether it is physical pain or an emotion that is "stuck", I feel safe and secure in the knowledge that she is sincerely sharing her wisdom, with no other purpose but to help me feel better and see the light. She provides a very non-judgemental environment for her clients to access deep emotions and work out the "blockage" that is creating the physical and mental stress. Anu is compassionate, discreet, sincere and wise. She helps me tap into negative patterns in the most supportive environment, all the time guiding, asking questions that allow me to heal. She is a wonderful teacher, bodyworker, and healer. I am so grateful she came into my life. I trust and highly recommend her. 


    ~A.W.E., NY, NY

    "Anu has a unique skill that facilitates and allows for deeper healing."

    I have been seeing Anu over the past several years for different ailments, both physical and emotional (usually both). Most recently, I saw her specifically for my irregular periods. I have tried everything from nutrition, exercise, supplements and acupuncture. Anu used bodywork, directed visualizations and questions bringing about realizations to the underlying issues. After my session, my cycle came the very next day. After each session, I always feel clearer and lighter. Anu has a unique skill that facilitates and allows for deeper healing. Her intuitive gifts create a space that brings clarity and connection to that honest place within yourself, allowing it to surface. Her loving compassion creates the safety needed to feel what is necessary to heal. I have and will continue to recommend Anu for she is a divine healer.

    ~V.D., Santa Cruz, CA


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